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My Recent Trip to Belize...

Please read: I am sure that you are noticing this is not the normal formatting for a blog updating you on the latest at FWC Belize. This update is intentionally NOT publicly linked on our website. Due to Covid-19 restrictions that remain in place within the country of Belize, we have to be EXTREMELY careful about photos of our services or school activities being made public. As we continue to fly under radar, we appreciate you not posting any of these pictures to online venues or social media platforms.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Partner Information >> 

If you wish to partner with us on this project, you can do so by sending donations through the following venues:

  1. All checks payable to the Apostolic Pentecostal Church, PO Box 88 Presque Isle, Maine, 04769

  2. “I AM Foundation” — Care of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Belize.

  3. The WPF — Care of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Belize

Greetings from Canada 🇨🇦

I have just returned from my first trip to Belize since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and I am happy to report that the Family Worship Center of Belize continues to experience growth and revival. It was a quick trip — Monday to Friday — but we enjoyed two midweek services at the headquarters in Guinea Grass. Both services were well attended, and there was a special move of the Holy Ghost present.


We even got to enjoy a meal at Pastor Rafael's home-Delicious!

Truth Learning Academy

I had the privilege of touring Truth Learning Academy Belize for the first time since it’s inception. The school role has expanded to 22 students for the 2021-2022 academic year. The Abeka curriculum is being used. Bro. & Sis. Cole Edgar are on site, helping administer TLA under the direction of Pastor & Sis. Damon McKillop.


What a delight to see these bright minds being molded and challenged in a Christian environment. The next generation of leaders are being developed — TODAY.

Ongoing Projects

Construction and renovation of the pastoral living quarters, as well as the apartment for Bro. & Sis. Edgar, are nearing completion. Numerous projects are on the go across the length and breadth of the headquarters campus. This is in accordance with the overall vision to develop this property into an event & leadership training epicentre for the entire country of Belize. Day by day, we move closer to this vision becoming a reality.

We Need to Hitch a Ride

For months, Belize has been locked down due to Covid-related regulations. This restricted church from being an “in-person” event for months at a time. At times even travel was restricted throughout the country, inhibiting their ability to be with the other churches throughout the country. Thankfully, over recent weeks, it has opened back up.

However, the lifting of one set of restrictions has revealed another.


The FWC Mission is in desperate need of upgrading its means of transportation. The present vehicle fleet is as follows:

  • 1995 Ford Van (15 Passenger)

  • 1998 Dodge Van (15 Passenger)

  • 2007 Tahoe

  • Plus two full size buses

  • A motorcycle

Both the Ford van and Tahoe are presently out of commission, due to transmission issues. We have reached the point (and maybe surpassed it) where these vehicles are no longer worthy of cost of ongoing repairs. The only vehicle that is presently operational is the dodge van, with a fully customized side window. 😉 (see photo)

We have an opportunity to purchase a 2022 Toyota Hiace, High Roof 14 passenger van. This comes with a 5 year (100,000km) bumper to bumper warranty package, providing them with 5 years of worry-free, reliable means to travel throughout the country as needed, as well as bringing folks to church.

As we all are experiencing, availability is a major issue right now due to disruptions to the supply chains, etc. The local dealership in Belize City has one of these vans being delivered next month (December), and can be reserved with a $10,000 downpayment. The total price for this vehicle is $51.229.61 USD. Our congregation (Plaster Rock) has pledged to cover the $10,000 downpayment. If you would prayerfully consider helping with this project, we would be forever grateful.

The acquisition of this vehicle will be such an asset to facilitate the ongoing Kingdom efforts throughout the country of Belize. Thank you for your faithful support of the work of God in Belize. Without your investment, their  (the Damon McKillop family) investment would be insufficient.


Pastor Daniel McKillop

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