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2 Timothy 3:1-5 Admonishes us that we will experience a drought of thankfulness in the last days. The result is the degeneration of a genuine move of God to the point of “acting” rather than embracing the POWER of God.

To all our American supporters, we THANK YOU for investing in the work of God in Belize. Enjoy your day, and may God Bless you all.

Picture - October 2023


Room Renovations

Look what you have done! Wow!

Over the past several months, the Headquarters building has experienced many repairs and upgrades. This includes new roofing installed over approximately 40x70 of our existing structure. Insulation of an exterior wall to reduce the cost of operating the air conditioners, as well as cooling the church dining hall. Two new energy-efficient air conditioners have been purchased and installed. The flooring was installed, and the vanities and showers are ready for countertops, taps, and hardware.

We intend to extend the roof another 25 feet to keep water from entering our dining area. This will also give us extra room to serve people as our church people exceed the current dining area.

We have received $5,000.00 toward the flooring project in the Headquarters Sanctuary. Buying and shipping the carpet to Belize is estimated to cost $12,000.00.


Many souls continue to come to God and get discipled into the church. The enemy fights us even more as we stretch, grow, and reach, but we are VICTORIOUS. Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. We could not do it without you.

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