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The Value of a SOUL!

Greetings from Belize.

Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way

shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins. James 5:20

Since our last newsletter, we have seen remarkable things happening for the glory of God! Ten souls have been baptized since the beginning of 2023, and several others have received the Holy Ghost.

In January, we travelled to Merida, Mexico, to connect with a hungry family wanting to learn more about God. We had two house services with them, and the power of God manifested itself in both times. This city has over 1.2 million people who need an Apostolic Church. This city is eight hour's travel from our Headquarters in Belize. Pray that we can obtain the resources to reach this city with the gospel.

Monday nights, we rent a room in Orange Walk Town to host group Bible Studies with several new converts from this area.

Tuesday Night, we are in Shipyard, a large Mennonite community near Guinea Grass, having Bible Studies with a family that God has opened their eyes to the truth.

Thursday Night Bro Randy Bull (my translator) has begun teaching Bible studies in San Filipe Village. New folks are coming, and we continue to pray for Revival in these communities.

Pastor Chun is working hard in Punta Gorda and San Isidro Villages. We are in desperate need of church buildings in both locations.

Pastor Rafael is reaching out with the gospel to villages surrounding San Jose. Their young people are getting involved in playing music and singing. We are building a kitchen for them to cook and sell for fundraisers to support their local church and ongoing projects.

Since June of 2022, we have been operating with one "fully functional" vehicle. :-) The new Toyota van we received last spring has been a lifesaver!! Again we say THANK YOU to everyone that supported this endeavour! The 1998 Dodge van is out of commission, and the 1995 Ford van is undergoing a much more extensive overhaul than anticipated (10 months).

We THANK Bishop G. Howard, Pastor J. Short and Tulsa Lighthouse Church for recently supplying the funding for us to purchase a 15-passenger Ford Van 2011. It is a privilege for us to partner with you all, and we are thankful for every prayer prayed on behalf of the work of God in Belize and Central America. 2023 has come with many difficulties, yet we continue to experience great revival, and we believe this to be a year of great harvest for the glory of God!


We have MANY ongoing projects that require much effort, time and finances. A few of these include completing security fencing around the headquarters property, ongoing building renovations (rooms for our children, guest house, meeting rooms), church signs at all locations, property and buildings in Punta Gorda & San Isidro, dining hall, flooring in the headquarters church, and upgrades to several AC Units. We appreciate your prayerfully partnering with us to move these projects along. It isn't the PRICE of a soul... it's their VALUE!

Kitchen - San Jose Village

Children's Rooms, Church Sanctuary Flooring & Bathrooms at Headquarters

Thank you for your continued support for the work of God in Belize.

We are experiencing REVIVAL TOGETHER!

Damon, Marcia McKillop & Family

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