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He's Hungry.

He stole from us when we first moved here. We wouldn’t go home after church until we were sure he wasn’t coming back to the church property to steal again.

Because of how he was dressed, he wasn't comfortable coming into our church services. He would sit outside and wave at me through the windows.

He watched as we sang and preached. He began to stand in the doorway. Then he moved inside to sit on the floor. After a couple of months, he began sitting on a seat inside the church.

Why was he here? Was he looking for an opportunity to take advantage of us once again? Honestly, I think he came for the free food we would give him after church.

He was hungry.

He comes several time’s a week to the headquarters property now. Often he’ll ask me for just “one dollar” to buy bread.

Did I mention that he was “hungry?”

As I sat in my office around 6:30, preparing for the next night's service, a light knock came on my door. “Brother,” that’s what he calls me now. “Can I have a dollar to buy some bread?”

You guessed it. He was hungry.

Oh yes, he could be nasty and rude. Yet his hunger keeps driving him back to us. Our hunger lets him come. He ate supper with us, but he was still hungry.

Afterward, we had family prayer.

No, he didn’t get the Holy Ghost.

No, I didn’t baptize him.

No, I didn’t give him a Bible study.

He’s still here, but he’s less hungry than when he came 2 hrs ago. Family altar is over. Curfew has started. He will have to sneak home watching for the police patrol or they will be sure to fine him. Two men were arrested outside our property last week for breaking curfew. They were fined $1,000 each and put in jail.

He doesn’t care because he’s leaving full.

I don’t just mean full from supper.

Please pray for him.

His name is Jehim.

He’s hungry.


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