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REPORT: "Raise the Roof" Project is Complete!

We welcomed September in with a blaze of activity and progress. The last week of August a group of volunteers from the Family Worship Center in Plaster Rock, NB Canada landed in Belize. They came to help us with our “Raise the Roof” project. Because of their efforts, our headquarters building no longer leaks, and all roof’s/eaves are closed in — preventing further rodent and pigeon infestation!

We cannot thank them enough for the incredible load of work they helped us accomplish.

Tuesday >>>

Arriving early Tuesday afternoon, they immediately began to set the stage for the remaining week’s work. Carpenters, electricians, painters, mechanics — we had it all. And, we used them all.

Wednesday >>> 

Wednesday was monumental. The roof installation began! Not deterred by the intensity of the heat, they laboured  on. By end of day, it was looking like an entirely different place.

Thursday & Friday >>>

Thursday and Friday the transformation continued. Painting offices. Working on vehicles. Fixing electrical. Closing in eaves on buildings. More work on the roof. 

Saturday >>>

Saturday was a FUN DAY. Everyone enjoyed a river boat tour to visit the Mayan Ruins. A great time was had by all, experiencing the natural beauty of the country of Belize.

The Finished Project >>>

As you can tell -- it looks AMAZING! We were unable to get all the "hip" portion of the roof installed, as well as the roof over the entrance... we simply ran out of time. However, the material is all purchased and will be completed over the next few weeks.

It Wasn't Just Bricks & Mortar >>>

Beginning on Thursday, we had services nightly. A sweet presence of the Holy Ghost was evident in every service. On Friday night, the congregation from Punta Gorda was able to join us for special services the remaining weekend. The saints from Belize were so thrilled to worship together again! In addition to regular services, we were able to spend some time investing in the leaders of the work in Belize.

God moved in a special way. Sunday morning will go down as destiny changing in the history of APCB… God spoke. We heard. We believe. We are so EXCITED about what God is doing in Belize.

Thank you, Belize >>>

We are so proud of the saints of APCB -- they tirelessly laboured to host the group from Canada. Every day the ladies were cooking to feed this army. 🙂 The. Food. Was. Amazing! Also, Rev. Sergio Rodriguez was instrumental in helping us get the materials and framing for the roof — THANK YOU!

On Sunday Night we had a surprise celebration for Sis. Marcia McKillop's birthday. As Belizean custom dictates, she took a bite out of the corner of the cake! :) What a great time was had by all!


Video Compilation of the Week >>>


From Social Media >>>

Here are a few posts from our social media feed highlighting our "Raise the Roof" project. Enjoy!


To Our Supporters >>>

None of this would be possible without your faithful support. You — literally — are what makes all of this possible. Thank you for believing in Belize again. Special thanks to our “Raise the Roof” project supporters:

Click here to download a PDF of our Newsletter.


Want to Help?

If you wish to partner, you can do so by sending donations through the following venues:


  • All checks can be made payable to the Apostolic Pentecostal Church, PO Box 88, Presque Isle, Maine, 04769

  • “I AM Foundation” — Care of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Belize.

  • The WPF — Care of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Belize.

As funds are donated, we update our website. Check back often!

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2 комментария

17 сент. 2019 г.

I have watched every video ( crying thru them all) - so thankful for the tremendous amount of work accomplished. I have to say I *broke* when I seen a short clip of a man bent over a small table on which laid a Bible - praying and that Bible had huge drops of *tears* on it. I am sure that they all feel Bro Damen & Sis Marcia came (not a moment too soon) with God's help to rescue their souls. For as long as I have breath, I will pray for this special couple.


17 сент. 2019 г.

Wonderful work done by this crew of volunteers. God will reward your dedication. Great to see the work of God progressing again in Belize.

Thanks to Pastor D C McKillop and his wife and family and Bro Cole Edgar for their sacrifices and dedication.

God bless every believer and pastor who are part of this great work. L. Kierstead

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