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Revival Update - 2022

Summer - Fall Update 2022

God has been doing great things in our midst. Since our previous correspondence, we have received our new Toyota Hiace van, started a new school year, taught many bible studies and seen eight new souls receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The dependability of our new van has been such an incredible blessing to the work of God, and it was purchased just in time. Unfortunately, the past several months have brought numerous mechanical issues with our other vehicles. Therefore, at this time, we are operating with only one van (the new one), which significantly complicates our transporting of congregants to and from church, Sunday school and youth activities. It would be a great blessing if you would like to help us continue upgrading our vehicle fleet.

We started this school year with twenty-four students, ranging from Preschool through Grade 10. In addition, we welcomed Sis Esther on board as a teacher's assistant from Bishop JB and Pastor John John Lambeths in Brazil. The students are getting an excellent education, and we appreciate everyone supporting our Christian School. Sponsor a student is a program that we would like to start in January 2023. Please let us know if you would like to get involved.

Brother Christian Courville and his family from Melville, Louisiana, came to be with us for three months in the spring of this year. They greatly blessed us as I struggled with the leg injury I experienced after falling through a storm drain in Orange Walk in February. Although I have regained most of my mobility, my leg continues to heal, and I covet your prayers for a complete recovery. In November, we welcomed Pastor Daniel Mckillop and his family. They were a great blessing as we had wonderful church services, ladies, men's, and married sessions during their visit.


God is pouring out his spirit, and eight souls have received the Holy Ghost in recent months. In addition, three new people were baptized in the Name of Jesus. To God be the Glory! God has opened a door for us to teach Bible Studies in a Mennonite community near our headquarters church. We appreciate your prayers that God will orchestrate a great revival in Shipyard. Finally, we thank everyone who has continued your faithful financial support over the past year. We have several ongoing projects here in Belize, and without your spiritual and financial investment, it will be impossible for us to continue. THANK YOU!

I have detailed a few undertakings we are working toward for the coming year. We would be grateful if you would like to participate in a specific project.

  • New roof over children's rooms and old living quarters

  • Renovate bedrooms for our boys

  • Flooring for Headquarters

  • Finish security fencing around the Headquarters property

  • Christian School - Upgrade School Building, Desks, Chairs, Flooring, Curriculum

  • Sponsor a student

  • Finish Dinning Hall/Kitchen facilities - Headquarters & San Jose

  • Garage for the new church van

  • Property and Church Building - Punta Gorda Location

  • Church signs at all locations

  • Continued upgrades to our vehicle fleet


Belize is experiencing REVIVAL; our hearts are rejoicing with the growth we have experienced since coming out of the COVID regulations in April of this year. Many new guests are coming to services, with 70+ kids in Sunday School weekly. Let's continue having revival together for the glory of God!

In His Service,

Damon, Marcia McKillop & Family

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